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Monthly Subscription - Ultra SIgnal + Screener

Monthly Subscription - Ultra SIgnal + Screener

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 599.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 1,499.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 599.00
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The Ultra Signal Indicator and Ultra Screener Indicator are powerful tools for traders and investors that offer a comprehensive set of features to assist with technical analysis and price action trading. Here's a detailed description of these two indicators:

Ultra Signal Indicator: The Ultra Signal Indicator is a robust and versatile trading tool that amalgamates technical analysis and price action signals to empower traders with informed buy and sell decisions in the financial markets. This comprehensive indicator provides an array of features to enhance trading accuracy:

  1. Signal Generation: The Ultra Signal Indicator employs a potent combination of technical analysis and price action patterns to generate precise buy and sell signals. These signals serve as invaluable guides for identifying optimal entry and exit points.

  2. Risk-Reward Ratio: By default, the indicator implements a favorable 1:3 risk-reward ratio, meticulously calculating and displaying recommended stop-loss and target levels for each trade.

  3. Auto Fibonacci Levels: It seamlessly integrates an automatic Fibonacci level identification tool, simplifying the identification of critical support and resistance levels on the chart.

  4. Auto Trendlines: The indicator dynamically draws trendlines, offering visual insights into prevailing trend directions and potential breakout or reversal points.

  5. Auto Demand and Supply Zones: Automatic identification and visualization of demand and supply zones enable traders to spot crucial areas for potential price reversals.

  6. Trend Reversal Patterns: With its built-in intelligence, the indicator autonomously detects and highlights trend reversal patterns such as double tops and bottoms, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

  7. Consolidation Zones: Recognizing market indecision, the indicator identifies and marks consolidation zones, aiding traders in identifying range-bound trading periods.

  8. Candlestick Patterns: Automatic detection and highlighting of candlestick patterns facilitate the interpretation of market sentiment and potential price movements.

  9. High and Low Levels: The Ultra Signal Indicator automatically marks the high and low levels for both the current trading day and the preceding day.

  10. RSI Confirmation: It includes RSI (Relative Strength Index) confirmation on the chart, helping traders identify overbought and oversold market conditions. This additional insight enhances the accuracy of trading decisions when RSI crosses certain threshold levels.

  11. Multiple EMAs: Incorporating multiple Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs), including short-term (e.g., 9-period, 20-period) and long-term (e.g., 50-period, 200-period) moving averages, enables traders to assess various timeframes and identify trend directions and crossovers for enhanced decision-making.

Ultra Screener Indicator: The Ultra Screener Indicator complements the Ultra Signal Indicator by delivering real-time alerts and notifications for stocks and assets generating signals. Its features include:

  1. Real-Time Alerts: The screener indicator continually scans the market, providing real-time alerts for each stock or asset generating trading signals. This eliminates the need for constant chart monitoring.

  2. Telegram Alerts: For added convenience, traders receive real-time alerts through a dedicated Telegram channel, ensuring they stay updated even when not actively observing the markets.

  3. User-Verified Accuracy: With a user base of over 5,000 traders, the indicator boasts a reported accuracy level exceeding 85%, making it a trusted tool among the trading community.

  4. Subscription Plans: The Ultra Signal Indicator offers flexible subscription plans, allowing users to select monthly, annual, or lifetime subscriptions that align with their specific trading requirements.

In summary, the Ultra Signal Indicator and Ultra Screener Indicator constitute a powerful combination for traders seeking to optimize their technical analysis and price action trading strategies. These indicators provide a comprehensive suite of tools, including signal generation, risk-reward analysis, automatic pattern recognition, RSI confirmation, multiple EMAs, and real-time alerts, making them indispensable resources for traders and investors in the financial markets.

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